PriorityChef Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives, 2-Stage Diamond Coated Wheel System, Sharpens Dull Knives Quickly, Safe and Easy to Use

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PriorityChef Diamond Coated Knife Sharpener

You work all day and then come home expecting some ‘me’ time, but there is dinner to be prepared and cooked. We know, we did the very same for years and still do. Coming home to start cutting and dicing your dinner ingredients with a blunt set of knives was not our idea of a good time either.

After going through that ordeal ourselves, we at PriorityChef we decided that this had to change so we decided to design a knife sharpener that was easy, fast and gave the results that even the most demanding cooks desired.

Not only that, we envisaged a design that we would be happy to leave on our countertop on display for any guest that visit your home.

Introducing The PriorityChef Diamond Coated Knife Sharpening System

So why is our knife sharpener different? We use a 2 wheel sharpening system that creates a double bevelled edge on your knife. This type of edge is not only super sharp but because of the way it is created the edge on your blade, the sharpness stays longer, much longer.

We also use the finest parts and there is no better sharpening substance than diamond. Everyone knows how diamonds are used to cut the hardest metals around, we went the extra mile and added it to our knife sharpener. Yes, diamond in a knife sharpener. This is the reason we feel that our knife sharpener will give your the results that you have always wanted

More Than Just a Brand Name, We Are a Family

We started PriorityChef in 2014 and welcome each and every new customer like a member of our extended family. We design all of our products to make your life in the kitchen that little bit easier. You deserve a better shopping experience, PriorityChef provide you with exactly that.

The Sharpening Power Of Diamond

Your new PriorityChef Diamond Knife Sharpener is the perfect tool for keeping all of those kitchen, utility, pocket and hunting knives in top shape.

The first wheel is diamond coated coarse sharpening section will shape your knife into a double edge finish, an edge that lasts much longer than your current sharpener.

This diamond coated wheel is tilted at a slight angle so that when you pull your knife through the slot the edges of the wheel shape each the side of the knife.

This wheel is vitally important to the function of the sharpener and we have gone to great lengths with sourcing and testing to find the best materials to give optimal results.

A Sharpener That Sharpens Straight and Serrated Knives

The second wheel on the PriorityChef Diamond Knife Sharpener is a premium quality ceramic wheel system. This section is designed to hone the knife, repairing any small nicks or imperfections from your edge.

It is also the section that you can sharpen all your serrated knives too, just pull your serrated knife through this section until you are happy with the level of sharpness.

This is also the section where you would hone your straight edged knives after either sharpening them on the coarse section previously or to simply rehone them after a period of use.

A Company You Can Count On

Don’t you use hate ugly kitchen tools and gadgets?

We designed this diamond sharpener so that it would complement almost every kitchen design and we believe that is what we achieved.

It is sleek, modern stainless steel finish with black trim that stands out from all the other tools in the kitchen.

Display your PriorityChef knife sharpener with pride!

We believe that the safety of our customers is our number 1 priority. We designed this sharpener in such a way that when you hold the sharpener in place your hand is completely separated from the sharpening system.

Not only that, but there is a soft, non-slip cushioned base that prevents slips abut also never makes any scratch marks on the surface your are sharpening on.

We have your safety covered!


Enjoy the benefits of a longer lasting sharpness to your knives with our sharpener's double beveled edge finish.

A double beveled adge will put 2 different angles on your knife edge that will mean that you can cut, slice and dice for longer without the need to resharpen your blade.

Enjoy longer lasting sharpness without compromising on knife performace!


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