DMoose Travel Lap Activity Tray for Kids and Toddlers, Padded Comfort Base, Side Walls, Mesh Snack Pockets, Tablet Holder, Waterproof Car Seat, Stroller, Airplane Play and Learn Area

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Make Traveling with Kids More Fun for Them and Less Stressful for You with a Kid-Friendly Travel Tray from DMoose!

Whether you spend 30 minutes in the car heading to the store or youre traveling cross country to see family for a vacation, your kids can get bored really quickly. And its not safe for you to keep reaching into the backseat to hand them new toys or try and pick up things they drop on the ground in the floorboard.

Thats why we created the one-of-a-kind DMoose Kids Travel Tray that gives them plenty of space to play games, watch movies on a tablet, enjoy snacks, and have a great time; all while making it easier and less stressful for parents.

Product Details:

  • Travel Lap Tray for Kids
  • 4 Available Colors and Patterns
  • Strong, Sturdy Raised Sides
  • Well-Balanced and Lightweight
  • Adjustable Stability Strap
  • Padded Base for Comfort
  • Spill-Proof, Water-Resistant Finish
  • Gender Neutral (Boys and Girls)
  • Registered Patent
  • Non-Toxic and PVC Free

Smarter, More Versatile Design

The DMoose toddler activity tray was designed specifically with little kids in mind, which is why its super lightweight, rests comfortably on their knees and legs, and has mesh pockets to keep things more organized and within easy reach. Its ideal for long car rides, playing in a stroller, or sitting in an airplane seat.

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Waterproof, Easy-to-Clean Surface

We use a high-density, water-resistant surface to protect it from spills or messes and to ensure its easier to clean between all your travels. Vital for smaller toddlers or preschool children.

Better for Mom and Dad

Adding a travel tray to your car rides helps reduce child stress which means you hear less whining and are we there yet? questions and you dont have to keep reaching back.

Reinforced Piping and Buckle

Weve added a taller piping to the front edge to help keep things from falling off as well as a quick-snap buckle to help fasten the strap and keep it secure when youre on the go.

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Mobile Entertainment Made Easy

These travel activity trays provide plenty of space for enjoying snacks, writing and drawing, reading books, or even watching or using a mobile tablet. And with flexible mesh storage perfect for holding toys, small stuffed animals, or even crayons, theyll never have to leave their favorites behind.

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