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Birds LOVE Cuttlebone for Cockatiels Parakeets Budgies Finches Canaries Lovebirds Small Conures Mynahs Toucans African Greys All Parrots

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About the company

Birds LOVE pet food, toys, cages, perches, and feeders have been developed by a team with over 50 years experience in the pet industry and Certified Avian Specialists.

We strive to provide our birds with the healthiest food and safest toys.

Birds LOVE Cuttlebone, unlike most other Cuttlebone, is ALL NATURAL, 100% Real Sun-Dried Cuttlebone

Cuttlebone is an Important Dietary Supplement for All Birds, Chinchillas, Hermit crabs, Reptiles, Shrimp, and Snails

Natural Source of Calcium and Minerals

We do not mix it together with other ingredients

Cuttlebone is a natural product that doesn't contain toxins or contaminants. An inexpensive and all-natural source of calcium carbonate and other trace minerals for your bird.

And yes, it is 100% from Cuttlefish, so a slight fish smell is normal.

  • Calcium & Minerals help birds with bone formation and blood clotting
  • Iron aids with the red blood cell formation and function
  • Potassium maintains normal heart and muscle activity
  • Zinc helps with the immune system
  • Copper assists with proper circulation and healing

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What is Cuttlebone?

Cuttlebone is derived from the calcareous internal shell of natural cuttlefish. Cuttlefish have eight arms and two tentacles and can be found in oceans all over the world. The major component of cuttlebone is calcium carbonate (85%). The second biggest component is organic material (8.9%) and is mainly carbohydrate material.

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100% Real Sun-Dried Cuttlebone

Birds LOVE Cuttlebones have no additives, unlike many other so-called cuttlebones offered on the market. These are just pure dried cuttlebones.

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Birds LOVE 1-Pack 8" Cuttlebone

Birds LOVE 3-Pack 5.5"-6" Cuttlebone

Birds LOVE 4-Pack 4" Cuttlebone

Birds LOVE 8" Bulk Cuttlebone

Birds LOVE 5.5"-6" Bulk Cuttlebone

Birds LOVE 4" Bulk Cuttlebone

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