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A Color for Everyone

Our Zero Gravity Creme to Powder [C2P] Foundation Stick goes on like a nourishing creme but finishes like a weightless powder. 

Apply with our Cruelty-Free Creme Foundation Brush or straight from the stick and blend with clean fingers.

There's a perfect color for everyone!

Porcelain: for the fairest skin tones with neutral to cool undertones. 

Biscay: for fair to light skin tones with neutral to cool undertones. 

Sand: for light skin tones with neutral undertones. 
Honey: for fair to light skin tones with yellow to olive undertones. 
Seville: for light skin tones with neutral to light olive undertones. 
Lucerne: for light to medium skin tones with neutral undertones. 
Marino: for medium light skin tones with neutral undertones. 
Lucia: for medium skin tones with neutral to light olive undertones. 
Mallorca: for medium skin tones with neutral to olive undertones. 
Kapua: for medium skin tones with a combination olive-gold undertone. 
Mumbai: for medium deep skin tones with golden undertones. 
Cali: for medium tan skin tones with warm golden undertones. 
Punaluu: for deep skin tones with warm rose undertones. 
Goa: for deep skin tones with warm undertones. 
Java: for deep skin tones with cool undertones. 


Meadowfoam Seed Oil - (Limnanthes Alba) - High in antioxidants, this oil aids in locking in moisture
and delivers nutrients to the skin.

Castor Seed Oil - (Ricinus Communis) - obtained from the seeds of the Ricinus Communis plant,
this oil is primarily ricinoleic acid which inhibits the growth of many viruses, bacteria, molds, and
more, keeping our products fresh. Castor seed oil also acts as a natural barrier, keeping moisture
and pigment saturation up.

Jojoba Seed Oil - (Simmondisa Chinensis) - produced from the seed of organic Jojoba plants, this
“liquid wax” closely resembles the natural oils produced by the skin making it ultra-moisturizing,
easily absorbed and beneficial for all skin types.

Candelilla Wax - (Euphorbia Cerifera) - found in the Candelilla shrub native to Mexico, this natural
and vegan alternative to beeswax gives our products a smooth, supple texture that provides easy
product application while retaining moisture.

Mineral Pigments - derived straight from the earth, these mineral pigments include titanium dioxides,
iron oxides and micas and are safe for cosmetic use. All of our pigments are non-nano particles,
to avoid maximum absorption into the blood stream.

Lavender Oil - (Lavandula Officinalis) - derived from the buds of the Lavender plant, this oil clears
acne and blemishes, detoxifies the skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties.


Ashley Prange was working as a nuclear analyst in D.C. when she decided that going “au naturale” [makeup free] shouldn’t be her only way to avoid breakouts & irritation. She did her research, dubbed her coffee grinder a mineral mixer & set out to create makeup that would leave her skin as happy as it was after a week of nakedness. Her mission was to use exclusively healthy, natural & ethically sourced ingredients to develop a replacement for each and every product in her former beauty routine. Her skin’s newfound glow didn’t go unnoticed, and it wasn’t long before she had waitlist of personalized orders from friends and colleagues. In 2011, Prange began her e-commerce business, Au Naturale Cosmetics. It has since evolved into both a brand & a cause responsible for starting a Clean Beauty Revolution all over the world.

Clean Beauty Revolution

The Clean Beauty Revolution is what makes Au Naturale unlike any other natural cosmetic brand. From day one, each ingredient has been scrutinized before being included in a formulation, only those who are ethically sound, factually healthy & naturally sourced making the final cut. And from day one, the company has been determined to provide consumers with much more more than a line of healthy products.

Au Naturale Cosmetics is both a brand & a cause, serving as physical evidence to the consumer that cleaner beauty is possible. The integrity of the line will never be compromised, as it is a pivotal piece in the company’s greater political battle to demand stricter regulation of cosmetic products in the United States. In creating a line of vegan, organic, paraben free & ethical makeup, Au Naturale Cosmetics is opening consumer minds to the importance of transparency & generating demand for continued change.

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