Careers With Giftibly

Soon Giftibly Inc will be looking for talented team members with a passion for growth and learning! Scroll down to see why working with Giftibly will be great!

What Makes Working For Giftibly Awesome?


We are a friendly group that loves what we get to work on every day and doesn't take life too seriously. We don't believe that work without fun is rewarding.

Open Mindedness

We don't have all of the answers. There's definitely something you know that we don't! We encourage employees to speak up about things they think will help the company.


We celebrate our differences and encourage new ways of looking at every opportunity. Our most valuable teammates are always trying new ideas.

Team Work

Nothing we do gets done without working together. Even though each role in our team is unique, we all benefit from bouncing ideas off of each other, providing feedback and learning new skills as we pitch in to help our team reach its goals.


You choose your hours at Giftibly Inc. We understand that creativity and productivity occur at different times for different people. We set you free then meet as a team once a week to talk about what we were able to accomplish and brainstorm opportunities we discovered during the week!

Casual Environment

We're not big on uniforms. At Giftibly, you can be free to be you during our meetings and work events. Most of us wear jeans and sneakers but suits and heels are fine too. We want you comfortable, happy, and ready to contribute.


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