Frequently Asked Questions

We've started a little list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Hopefully it will help provide some clarity on your topic. If not, please contact us.


Does Giftibly provide a list of great gift ideas?

Yes! Our hope is that you and those you care about get the perfect gift everytime so we provide a number of ways that make it easier to find what you love.

  1. Discover Categories allows you to select a category of gifts you like, and gives you a list of websites that sell those products. This makes it easier than ever to quickly to find wishes you know you wanted or allow you to search for things you never would have thought of.
  2. Discover Wish Lists shows a selected list of wish lists that other users on Giftibly have created. From electronics to health & beauty, there's something for everyone here.
  3. At Giftibly, we're always looking for new ways our users can find the perfect gift so we often create wish lists on our profile for events and holidays that are coming up along with other types of gifts that may be of interest.

I Accidentally Made Two Accounts, Can I Merge Them?

Oh No! We can fix this for you, but you will need to contact us with the issue. It may take up to two weeks for your accounts to merge, as we will have to verify that it is you. The easiest way to help us verify is by connecting both of your Giftibly accounts to a single Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account. You can do this by accessing Top Navigation Bar () > Settings > Social Connect

Why am I seeing "Invalid username or password"?

In most cases, something is being spelled wrong or differently, than it was when you registered. Use the “check password” box to see what you’re typing. In some rare cases, you already signed up with a social media account like Facebook or Twitter and the email address you are trying to use is registered with that social platform. Try signing in with one of them first and see if your profile already exists.

Gift Assistant

How Do I Know What Sites Are Supported by the Gift Assistant?

Currently, any site that is supported by the Gift Assistant and Wish Uploading Tool (accessible from the icon in the navigation) can be found by visiting our Discover Categories page. By clicking a category, you can see any of the 300+ brands that you can wish from with Giftibly. We rely on your help to maintain these brands and add new sites so if you get an error while wishing, just click the "send report" button and we'll work on it as soon as we can.

Why Can’t I Install the Gift Assistant?

Currently, our Gift Assistant only works in the Chrome and Firefox browsers. We are working fast to roll out the gift assistant onto Safari as well. We will not support the tool on Internet Explorer. The Gift Assistant is also a browser tool meant for use on your laptop or personal computer. Google does not as of yet support extensions on mobile devices. We are also working to release our phone application, which will funtion like the gift assistant while browsing your favorite sites on-the-go.

Making Purchases:

I Made a Purchase and the Gift Hasn’t Come in Yet!

Though most order are process on the same day they are requested, it can take up to 7 business days for Giftibly to process your order. Giftibly does not store items in inventory, rather we collect the items from our partners at the time of purchase. If one partner failed to update its inventory before your order was created, we may have to source your item from another partner. Giftibly will email a final confirmation to you once your order has been processed and is on the way.

If you have not heard from Giftibly within 7 business days of your order, please check your email (you may have to check your junk mail if you have not gotten mail from us in the past).

We may have reached out to you from [email protected] to request more information on your order such as “size” or “color” if it was missing from the description of the gift. Alternatively, we may have sent a cancelation and refunded your account or credit card if your order could not be completed with one of our partners. The primary cause for this is high demand items that sell out ahead of inventory count updates.

I Just Submitted an Order – Why Isn’t the Gift Marked as Received?

Gifts are not marked as received until the order has been fully processed and the final confirmation email has been sent. Once this confirmation is sent, the gift will be marked as received if the total desired amount has been met.

My Final Confirmation Is Missing an Item!

When less than half of the total number of items in your order are out of stock, we will try to complete your order. The final confirmation will be emailed to you with the total price charged for the items we were able to confirm with our partners.

If more than half of the total number of items in your order are out of stock, we will email you from [email protected] to ask if you want us to complete the order. If we do not hear back from you within 3 business days, we will cancel the entire order. This is done to protect you and refund your card quickly enough for you to seek the items elsewhere.

Why Did the Price Change?

Giftibly does not own any inventory. We work with partners who reserve the right to update their prices without notice. We do our best to make sure the most current price is reflected on our site. Feel free to email us with the name of the gift if you notice a price change during your order. In some cases, we can request the original price from the vendor and we’re always happy to try.

Why Was My Order Cancelled?

Orders are typically canceled if the item or items you requested are no longer available with the vendor. If more than 50% of the total number of items you ordered can not be sourced, Giftibly will cancel your order. For instance, if your order contains 4 items and 3 are not available, your order will be canceled.

Giftibly will email you from [email protected] if there was a critical order detail such as “size” or “color” missing. If you have not responded within 3 business days. The entire order will be canceled.

Any order with a price not generated by one of our vendor partners will be immediately cancelled and the purchaser refunded. An investigation may be opened into the order and member to determine if the price change was malicious or a system error.


How Do I Customize My Feed?

Your feed is built to help you see what your friends and family most want. In turn, they are seeing what you most want. We try to also include items that you may have chosen as “interested topics” during the profile walkthrough in your feed, however searching for items is the BEST way to see things that you would like. We are a user generated platform, meaning, the more friends and family you invite, the greater chance your wishes will be seen and purchased by people who care about you!

I Never Got My Gift! What Do I Do?

If the purchase was made ON, simply send us a message with your or the buyer’s email and the date of the purchase. We will send you an email or notification with the status of your gift. If you have you order confirmation, that will help us locate your tracking code faster. If the purchase was NOT made ON, we will need your confirmation code to follow up with the vendor on your behalf. You or the buyer, should try to speak to the vendor as well. In either case, keeping track of your confirmation email will help us locate your gift faster!

Should I Share My Address?

If someone needs your address to purchase a gift that we do not yet sell directly on our site, it is up to you to decide if you want to share your address. We highly suggest you do not approve address share requests from people that you do not know well. You can also mark your friends as “close friends” if you don’t want to have to share your address with them everytime they want to send you a gift. Buyers MUST BE LOGGED IN to request your address.

Where Did My Event Go?

Events you host and events you are attending only show up on your “Life Event” page until 24 hours after the registered event time. After that, you still have access to the Event Basket on your profile. You can always change the event date to a later date, or put un gifted items in a new or existing lifestyle basket so your loved ones still know they are on your wish list.

Wishes and Wish Lists

How Can I Delete An Item From My Wish List?

Deleting an item from your wish list is easy! Simply go to the wish list that contains the item and click the icon next to the name of the wish list. From there, a list of options will appear. Click " Select Items to Delete" and now each wish will have a red trash icon on the top right corner. Click the icon on the desired item you wish to delete and you're all set.

How Do I Make a Wishlist Private?

Simply visit the page of the desired wish list you would like to edit, click the icon next to the name of the wish list, then click "Edit Wish List" to customize the name, description or privacy settings.

How do I mark gifts I purchase as received?

When you purchase a gift through our checkout, that gift goes through the order process. You will receive an immediate email with your order details, and a follow up email once your order has been fully processed. If you purchased the desired number of an item in a wishlist, this item is marked as "purchased already" at the same time that your second email goes out.

Additionally, if you chose to purchase directly from our partners, you can follow the text link on the gift page. This will open the product page with our partner site. As soon as you come back to the Giftibly tab, there will be a pop up waiting for you. This popup will ask if you purchased the item, and how many of them you purchased. Filling this out with the desired number of the item will also mark the wish is "already purchased."


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